Special Care Instructions & Warranty

Special Care Instructions

  • The wood has been soaked in linseed oil, care instructions recommend that lightly rubbing with any type of furniture oil will be fine on the wood use a clean dry rag to apply light amount of oil to the rag first then wipe the wood and clean off any access oil with a clean dry rag, preferably a white cotton rag
  • When the hitch cover is not in use as a decoration on the hitch receiver, store in hand made bag that was supplied with item in a dry secured down area
  • Should the stainless-steel tarnish you can use a stainless-steel wire wheel, do NOT use a steel wire wheel, you can buff it with a metal polish and a buffing wheel
  • Harsh soap may tarnish the metal and fade the color on the wood or damage the wood and may cause rust spots on the welds, this is not warrantied
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 267-355-4603


  • Use strictly for decorative purposes only.
  • Do not use for towing.
  • Do not use as a step.
  • Do not tie anything to this Hitch cover.
  • This is not a toy- keep away from children.
  • This is not a weapon and should never be used as such; sale is final and when item is rendered in owner’s possession, the seller takes no responsibility of any kind of any negligence, criminal activity, lost, stolen, or misuse of item(s)
  • Seller is not responsible for any mishaps of any kind or any criminal activity of any kind
  • Handle with care as the metal may be sharp- do not drop- not responsible to personal injury of any kind, or any injuries of any kind
  • Not responsible for any damages caused by either driver in any vehicle due to negligence or accidents of any kind
  • Not responsible if stolen or lost, hitch lock is supplied as a prevention to theft
  • Remove prior to entering a car wash, not warrantied if damaged in any way, store in hand made bag supplied, (store in a dry secure area)
  • When driving and stored in vehicle ensure item(s) is secured down as it may move freely in vehicle and cause personal injury, seller is not responsible to any injuries of any kind